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GlycoBioChem is a University of Dundee biopharmaceutical spin out limited company based on the discovery and development of novel small-molecules for the purposes of research and treatment of human diseases.

Supporting O-GlcNAc Research

Schematic illustration of protein-attached GlcNAc

O-GlcNacylation is a post-translational modification in higher eukaryotes similar to protein phosphorylation. The modification of serines/threonines by N-acetylglucosamine has been shown to be involved in a number of diseases, including diabetes and Alzheimer's. Building on our expertise in this field, GlycoBioChem aims to provide reagents and services to enable O-GlcNAc research.

GlycoBioChem specializes in custom glycopeptide synthesis and provides custom O-GlcNAc site-specific antibodies. We also provide O-GlcNAc-modifying enzymes and substrates.


GlycoBioChem also provides reagents relevant to other areas of glycobiology, such as recombinant glycosyl transferases and hydrolases.

Licensing Opportunities

We are interested in partnering with other pharmaceutical companies to further develop our inhibitor portfolio.